Parents name baby ‘Sanitiser’ as a reminder of coronavirus pandemic

by in Uncategorized May 21, 2020

File images of hand sanitiser and a baby.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we never thought possible, from social restrictions to hygiene practices.

Now, it appears to have also started influencing baby name trends.

COVID-related names for newborns have begun to emerge – especially in India.

A child there has been called Sanitiser by his parents, who wanted to remember the coronavirus pandemic.

According to an Indian media outlet, Deccan Herald, the child’s father Omveer Singh said the name would help them mark this period in time.

“Everyone if fighting against this virus…from our prime minister to ordinary people. This (Sanitiser) is our contribution,’‘ Singh said.

Sanitiser is one of the best ways to protect oneself against contracting coronavirus infection…

“We will remember this period (lockdown), whenever (we) utter his name.”

The news comes just over two weeks after twins were named Covid and Corona in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

They were born during the ongoing national lockdown that began on March 24.

“The delivery happened after facing several difficulties and therefore, my husband and I wanted to make the day memorable,” Preeti Verma, the 27-year-old mother of the twins, told news agency Press Trust of India.

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