About Us

Our Story

From a little pharmacy to a number one exporter to Vietnam and south east Asia. We’ve tried very hard in the past and never stop trying everyday to improve our service, cares and research to introduce more interesting healthy products to the world.We ‘ve been working with a top research team in Melbourne for creation of  more exciting new products. On the other hand, we are currently partner with many reputable famous brands in Australia  to export  all overr the world where the products needed the most. 

Our Vision

we research to introduce and produce the best  essential healthcare products to export to where it needs the most.  

Our Mission

To do whatever it takes to deliver the best quality of health products to the right place at the time. we’re  currently working with many reputable famous companies not just in Australia but all over the wold to increase our range of supplies to the the third world countries where the products needed the most.  


Company History

Deviated from the pharmacy business – Savemore discount chemist, Savemore Wholesale specialized in promoting unpopular products to high demand while distributing them to oversea.

We are not just distributing vitamins, skin cares, baby cares, pharmaceutical and dairy products to south East Asia and middle East but we’re also specialize in  production. In the last 18 months, we’ve introduced at least 7 high quality, natural healthy babycare products in  the brand of Ivykids . Due to the shortage of many covid 19 related lines, we have sucessfully made available on time the Ivysan range to contribute to assist, minimise the spead of the COVID-19 infection . 

We are currently holding the no 1 position for Vietnam export. We started this wholesale business from end 2014 and we’re were the first who started this wholesale business from our very own hands.

We worked with the daigous and traders from the Northern Territories of Vietnam and therefore it is now the strongest region for Australian imports.


Research & Development

Ivyhealth and Ivysan brands were introduced to aid with COVID 19 infection.


Research & Development

Ivykids brand was borned


Research & Development

Savemore wholesale was born



We started the export bussiness from Savemore chemist in Marrickville.